Sauvignon Blanc by
Bibiana and Jeff

Shared Notes winery ranks with the finest producers of distinctive Sauvignon Blanc around.
—Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine wood wedge

our story

Shared Notes is the winemaking joint-venture between wife and husband, Bibiana González Rave and Jeff Pisoni.

Both had early desires of making wine, and spent most of their lives doing so. The year 2012, however, marked the first vintage that they produced together. Previously, during the grape harvest, Bibiana and Jeff were like the proverbial ships passing in the night. Early grape picks and late nights at the winery left them rarely crossing paths.

Now, Bibiana and Jeff do cross paths—to discuss ideas and taste samples. You can sometimes catch them in front of a grapevine, the press, a fermenting tank, or a barrel...most likely with a glass in hand.

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Shared Notes through a loop glass
Bibiana and Jeff Tasting and Smiling
These are both going to be very long-lived whites.
—Jeb Dunnuck wood wedge

our wines

Les leçons des maîtres
Lessons of the masters

  • Style: A blend inspired by the cellar masters of Bordeaux and their dedication to Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.
  • Variety: 80% Sauvignon Blanc / 20% Semillon
  • AVA: Russian River Valley - Sonoma County

Possessing a striking and radiant light green hue, the 2021 Les leçons des maîtres harkens back to the legendary cuvées of these famed varietals born from the rocky soils of Bordeaux. Beautifully pure notes of lemon oil, lime zest, and Ruby grapefruit set the pace, as heady aromas of white peach and crushed rock bring up the rear. This classic blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon creates a wine of two distinct parts, yet harmonizes into one seamless experience. Bracing acidity cuts a razor sharp edge though a supple, textured roundness brought on by the addition of Semillon and 100% new French oak aging. This simply stunning blend will continue to age gracefully for as long as the temptation of removing the cork can be resisted.

168 cases 750 mL | 6 cases 1.5 L

Les pierres qui décident
The rocks that decide

  • Style: A Sauvignon Blanc inspired by the pure and focused wines of the Loire Valley, where the rocks "decide" the style.
  • Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • AVA: Russian River Valley - Sonoma County

Shimmering in the glass with hues of pale straw and the slightest tinge of youthful green, the 2021 Shared Notes Les pierres qui décident is unmistakable as its explosive personality, quite literally, fills the air. True to its name, where the rocks “decide” the style, this wine opens with subtle notes of chalky stone and sea air that give way to a dazzling display of crisp and remarkably pure notes of crisp pear, Granny Smith apple, lemon peel, and peach blossom. Flavors of lemon tart, nectarine, and freshly cut herbs surge across the palate, then give way to vibrant, mouthwatering acidity. Aging exclusively in 100% new French oak 132-gallon puncheons, this Sauvignon Blanc delivers great texture with hints of spice and toasted vanilla. Flashy and effusive in its youth, this beautiful varietal expression will continue to evolve and gain substantial complexity as it ages in bottle.

107 cases 750 mL | 8 cases 1.5 L

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Sauvignon Blanc by Bibiana and Jeff
Les Pierres qui Décident is one of the most distinctive Sauvignon Blancs being made in California today.
—Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media wood wedge

our coffee

This is a new offering from Bibiana & Jeff Pisoni. Shared Notes has always been a joint-venture in winemaking: crafting small lots of high-end wine (and “sharing notes”). The desire is to share the same passion for coffee as they have for wine.

Both Bibiana and Jeff have spent their entire lives focusing on the sensory details of smell and taste while making wine—now they also look to do the same with single-farm sourcing & roasting of coffee.

Shared Notes Coffee is crafted by Bibiana and Jeff Pisoni, winemakers who spend their lives studying soil, climate and fermentation to express the beauty of a site or region. Coffee, like wine, derives its story and flavor from the land where it is born.

Shared Notes is dedicated to sourcing single-origin coffee beans exclusively from Colombia, Bibiana’s native country.

Wine of California + Colombian Coffee
Coffee beans
Visiting Colombia
Wine + Coffee = Shared Notes
Shared Notes has always been a joint-venture in winemaking: crafting small lots of high-end wine … the desire is to share the same passion for coffee as they have for wine.
wood wedge

Finca Don Felix

Shared Notes 100% Colombian Coffee

Tasting notes:
Aromas of lemon zest, tangerine and caramel.

  • Package: We offer 12 ounces and 32 ounces.
  • Source: 100% Colombian Coffee
  • Farm: Don Felix
  • Roast: On demand
  • Varietals: Dos Mil, Castillo
  • Growing Altitude: 6.036 feet above sea level
  • Harvest: September 2022
  • Process: Fully washed every two days. Half of the batch ferments in water for 37 hours, the other half for 13 hours.
100% Colombian Coffee


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