2020 Vintage Earns Two Stars from Connoisseurs’ Guide Sauvignon Blanc Reviews

August 2021 Issue

We have long held that Sauvignon Blanc does not get the full respect that it deserves, and those produced by wineries such as Grieve Family, Merry Edwards, Lail and Shared Notes… are guaranteed to bring a change of heart to those who question its status as a truly important variety. —Stephen M. Eliot

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2020 Les pierres qui décident – 92 points

750 mL Bottle 2020 Shared Notes VintageIf you happen to share our love of cellar-aged Sauvignon Blancs, this may be the wine for you. It is not in the least ready to drink by our lights yet has both clear varietal focus and a wealth of still-nascent fruit at its heart. And its aging potential is further driven by some of the highest levels of acidity seen in Sauvignon Blanc of its quality. Indeed, there will be many who decry its grapefruity aspects and suggest you look elsewhere, and we would agree that this wine is not for all palates. But, for those who are willing to wait five or more years for a lovely wine that will always be on the crisp side, this may be the right one. It does, however, ask your forbearance.

Connoisseurs' Guide Two Stars

2020 Les lecons des maîtres – 91 points

750 mL Bottle 2020 Shared Notes VintageThe lessons of the masters have perhaps taught the producer that not all Sauvignon Blancs need to show searing acidity, and this wine, while clearly gifted with its own noticeable tartness, is just enough more rounded and open as to provide a choice to fans of the winery. It also sports a hint of a perfumed note amidst its fresh grass character and starts with a bit of suppleness on the palate before firming up in the latter going.

Connoisseurs' Guide Two Stars
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