Celebrating Summer with the Shared Notes 2020 Vintage Release

Bibiana and Jeff Drink Coffee in the Vineyard

Summer is the good life: long days of light, slow evenings, time spent outside. In this bright season, we spend mornings and evenings in the open air, talking and eating with friends and family al fresco.

We invite you to celebrate these days with us, from morning til night. Shared Notes is just that: a sharing between Jeff and Bibiana, partners in work and in life. And, through our wine and coffee, we hope to inspire you to visit Sonoma County. Enjoy a morning coffee by seaside cliffs, or sip wine under the dappled shade provided by California oaks.

At Shared Notes, we are delighted with our latest vintage of Les leçons des maîtres and Les pierres qui décident, the fruits of our joint venture in the vineyard, and equally happy to offer you our most recent roast of coffee, sourced exclusively from Colombia, Bibiana’s native country, and which we enjoy on summer mornings on the patio outside our house.

We are particularly happy to offer you two exceptional expressions of the 2020 vintage.

2020 Les Lecons des Maitres Tasting Notes 2020 Les Pierres qui Decident Tasting Notes

“Coffee in the morning. Wine in the evening. Just don’t mix them up!”

Just as coffee helps jumpstart the day and sustain memory and concentration, wine—especially when shared with others—helps us celebrate the close of the workday and the beginning of leisurely evenings. The phenolic compounds in wine shape mouthfeels and fine-tune taste. But because such compounds contain the antioxidants that are essential for a healthy diet, they, like coffee, provide us with an added benefit.

At Shared Notes, we offer our coffee beans whole or give you the option to choose from a variety of grind types to craft that perfect cup right from home: coarse as small pebbles if you have a French press, sea-salt in size for a drip coffee maker, fine as table salt for a Moka pot. Our coffee is grown more than a mile above sea level; with notes of red cherry, plum and dark chocolate, there is something heady when we drink it even down at the coast. And our new farm’s name is: Finca Don Felix.

We invite you to share in this pairing of light and liquid—maybe the purest pairing of all—to honor the summer season alongside us. Wine with oysters and ocean views, or coffee during foggy mornings just as the sun rises.