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Tasting by Appointment Only

We invite you to come and explore the truly unique wines of Bibiana González Rave and Jeff Pisoni’s exclusive joint venture in winemaking. Our small, secluded Sonoma County winery is home to wines of incredible purity, precision, and longevity.

Our private, appointment-only tastings are an opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the meticulous process behind crafting these beautiful wines. Starting with a tour of the winemaking facility, each guest will have the chance for a behind-the-scenes view of our pursuit for perfection.

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to welcome our fellow wine lovers into our home here in Sonoma County. Currently, our guests are provided the opportunity to taste among the tanks on our cellar floor, or join us for a seated tasting in our private room.

Booking ahead is strongly encouraged, as these tastings will be limited to only two groups per day.
Visits normally last between 60 and 90 minutes and are $75 per person. This fee will be deducted from the total of any wine purchased during your visit.

Wine of California + Colombian Coffee